Candy Bar Cookies


Candy Bar Cookies

An Irresistible Adventure – Baked Elements

Hearts and sprinkles

“How are you? Charles asked. Fine. Did you get the book? No. I wonder what happened to it? It had pictures.”

East of Eden, John Steinbeck


I’ve been haphazardly baking my way through Baked Elements by Matt Lewis and Renato Poliafito and every recipe I try has been wonderful. It all started with their famous Brooksters. The combination Brownie and Chocolate Chip Cookie is quite amazing. The Pumpkin Almond Cake with Almond Butter Frosting has been added to my fall must-bake list. (There are only two other items on my fall baking list, this Brown Sugar Pear Cake and a Cranberry Bundt with lots of orange.) The Sunrise Key Lime Tarts are coveted by all the citrus lover’s I know. It’s almost impossible to eat only one of the Bale Bars. If you like cinnamon, the Cinnamon Spritz Sandwich Cookies are spectacular. The soft meringue filling is just fabulous. The Poppy Seed Cake with Brown Butter Glaze is phenomenal. Speaking of brown butter, don’t miss the Brown Butter Snickerdoodles. And then I made the Candy Bar Cookies.

Flour and chocolate

It was the week before Christmas. The time of year when sugar and butter come together with reckless abandon. All the stops are let out. No recipe is too decadent to try. I tucked them in with my other holiday cookies and kept on baking. I’m still getting complements two months later. I don’t usually recommend adding candy bars to cookies. It’s so over-the-top. A buttery chocolate cookie stuffed with store bought candy. And then the whole thing is dipped in chocolate. But its Valentine’s Day. If making something chocolate for the holiday I suggest these Candy Bar Cookies, they won’t be forgotten any time soon.

Making Candy Bar Cookies


The recipe can be found here. Either mini Mounds or Reese’s are suggested for the candy center. I prefer the Reese’s. Other candy might work too. Just make sure all the candy is uniformly covered with cookie dough or the candy will melt out of the cookie and onto the baking sheet. The recipe instructs that the dough be chilled, then rolled and cut into circles big enough to cover the candy centers. I found that if the dough is chilled until firm it is impossible to roll out. But room temperature dough is too soft. There is a middle place where the butter, in the dough, is soft enough to roll yet does not stick to the rolling pin and work surface. In a moment of frustration I discovered that shaping a piece of softened dough around the candy works just as well as the rolling and cutting. The key is to use the same amount of dough for each cookie so they will all be the same size. I took the easy way and used these dark chocolate melting wafers to dip the cookies. Sprinkles and hearts are optional but recommend.

Candy Bar Cookies

Candy Bar Cookies

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35 Responses to Candy Bar Cookies

  1. Carol Sacks says:

    I see we’ve gone to the dark side for Valentine’s Day, Deb:) I’m going to have to show this to my Bug right away. Beautiful photos, too!

    • Deb says:

      Reckless abandon is required for some holidays! Valentine’s Day is at the top of the list. I’m pleased you enjoyed the post Carol!

  2. Deb:
    How irresistible! I can just imagine someone taking a bite and being delighted by the tasty mounds or reese’s in the center of these cookies. Mmmm! This is definitely a great treat/present for V-day!

  3. Gerlinde says:

    Oh Deb, your photos are stunning, I can’t stop admiring them. I would love to have some of those great looking cookies right now with my tea. Yummy!

  4. Denice says:

    Thank you for this recipe! You graciously brought some over for Christmas, and my boys and I devoured them–will definitely make for Valentine’s 🙂

  5. Patty says:

    Now this is a fun cookie for Valentine’s day! I love the Baked Elements and the Brooksters!
    So many good recipes little time! Thanks for sharing Deb 🙂

    • Deb says:

      Agreed Patty! I would be very happy if I could bake and photograph a new recipe everyday! Thank you for commenting.

  6. Deb, I now know what treat I will be making for myself on Valentine’s Day. I must try these cookies! I think I’ll try the Mounds Bar version. I have Baked Elements and have dogged eared many pages. You have inspired me with all the homework you’ve done on the book. I must get to it now!

    May your Valentine’s Day be SWEET in every way! <3

    • Deb says:

      Thank you Mary! I’m wondering if I would enjoy the other Baked cookbooks? Before I decide, I’ll keep working my way through Elements…..

  7. Jacquee says:

    At first glance, I thought these were profiteroles. These look delightful and the soft, feminine glow of your photos really make for a romantic feel.

  8. valentina says:

    These are adorable. I can only imagine how delicious it would be biting into the melting candy center. 🙂 Happy Valentine’s Day! XO

  9. Reckless abandon is right – my daughter’s bday is the day before Valentine’s day so lots of reasons to eat sweets but we always try to make them worth the calories. How fun are these Deb! and as Carol said, the photos, as always, are just lovely.

  10. How fun to bake through that book! These cookies look decadent and delicious. Just what’s needed for Valentine’s Day!

  11. i love Baked Elements! It’s fast becoming one of my favorites of their books: it seems like they really hit their stride with this book, in a way. Every recipe is so well thought out, and nothing seems super-fussy. These look just adorable, Deb.

    • Deb says:

      Thank you for the gracious comment! I’m pleased to hear your assessment of Baked Elements Shannon. I have been debating about the other Baked cookbooks.

  12. Liren says:

    Baking through that book sounds like an epic and delicious effort, Deb. How fun! These cookies are just perfect for Valentine’s Day 🙂

  13. Deb, these look so decadent and tasty! I know what you mean about dough temp… it’s always a balance to find the right workable pliability. Happy Valentine’s Day!

  14. What darling little cookies! The candy bar surprise is the best!

  15. cristina says:

    Luv these pretty candy bar cookies! What a perfect size and they look like something that I couldn’t stop at just a few. 🙂

  16. Deena Kakaya says:

    Oh Deb, they look so pretty, sweet and light. x

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