Pomegranate Jelly with Balsamic Vinegar


Pomegranate Jelly with Balsamic Vinegar

An Easy Jelly Making Adventure

Pomegranate Juice

“The Trasks were well established in Salinas. Lee, once he had given up his brackish bookish dream, made a new kind of place for himself in the house beside Reynaud’s bakery. On the ranch his possessions had never really been unpacked, for Lee had lived poised to go someplace else. Here, for the first time in his life, he built a home for himself, feathered with comfort and permanence.”

East of Eden, John Steinbeck


Pomegranate Jelly with Balsamic Vinegar

This months’ Food In Jars Mastery Challenge was just the motivation I needed to try making a jelly I’ve thought about making many times, Pomegranate Jelly with just a hint of balsamic vinegar. Not enough balsamic vinegar to taste, but enough to add depth, a mystery flavor, to the naturally tangy pomegranate. Jelly now gone rogue, somewhat sweet and very spreadable, a fitting accompaniment to toast and crackers. What I really, really like about this jelly is its’ use in either sweet or savory applications. It’s somewhat akin to cranberry sauce or lingonberry jelly. Definitely making this very easy Pomegranate Jelly recipe for the winter holiday season. Cranberries take a rest, a new flavor has arrived.

Labeling Pomegranate Jelly


Happily, I chose easy over labor intensive and complex for this months’ FIJ Mastery Challenge. Sometimes its best to give into a busy life. I used bottled, fresh 100% pomegranate juice, sugar, balsamic vinegar and a package of liquid pectin. At the last minute I added a tablespoon of unsalted butter to reduce foam in the jelly. The entire jelly making process took about an hour. That is a small investment of kitchen time for a stash of homemade jelly in my pantry. The recipe is adapted ever so slightly, from the Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving.

Pomegranate Jelly with Balsamic Vinegar
3-1/2C fresh pomegranate juice
5C sugar
1 pkg liquid pectin
1T unsalted butter
2t balsamic vinegar
  1. If canning the jelly, prepare the canning pot, jars and lids. This batch of jelly yielded, six half-pint jars.
  2. Add the pomegranate juice and sugar to a large non-reactive pan. Stirring constantly, bring the mixture to a boil on high heat. When the contents of the entire pan are vigorously boiling add the package of liquid pectin to the pan. Stirring constantly, return the jelly to a boil. To reduce foaming, add the butter to the pan. Boil for one minute and remove the pan from the heat. Stir in the balsamic vinegar.
  3. Skim off any foam and discard. Ladle the hot jelly into jars. Refrigerate the jelly or continue canning in a water bath for ten minutes in accordance with the USDA guidelines for canning.

Pomegranate Jelly with Balsamic Vinegar

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26 Responses to Pomegranate Jelly with Balsamic Vinegar

  1. This is fabulous Deb! Two of my fave ingredients combined… to make a real fave of mine: a preserve!!!:

  2. Love the flavor of pomegranate! And when I want the juice, I usually buy the chilled bottled stuff — it’s good quality, or at least I think, and it’s a lot easier than juicing pomegranates! Less messy, too. 🙂 This looks great — thanks!

  3. This sounds awesome, Deb! I love balsamic but I’ve never better it with pomegranates. Delicious!

  4. Yi says:

    what an excellent idea to turn pomegranate juice and balsamic vinegar into jelly. I bet it goes well with bread and crackers! Will definitely try this out soon. Thanks.

  5. I am loving the flavours here and that it was time or labour-intensive! This would be amazing layered into parfaits, atop ice cream…of course, straight from the jar works for me too. 🙂

  6. Jelly and balsamic vinegar? Pretty sure it’s umami 🙂

  7. My neighbor makes pomegranate jelly at Christmas, and sometimes I’m lucky enough to receive a jar :). The color is so stunning, and I love your addition of balsamic for a little nuance and depth of flavor!

  8. This is so gorgeous looking Deb . I like pomegranate juice and your jelly must be so delicious with the addition of balsamic vinegar. It would be great with some cheese.

  9. mjskit says:

    Glad to read that you can use bottle pomegranate juice. I would hate to peel and juice enough pomegranates for 3 1/2 cups juice. 🙂 I did it many times as a kid because a neighbor had pomegranate trees from which we picked an endless amount fruit. I would help my mother make jars and jars of jelly, and yes, it is a laborious process but SO worth it!! I would love to taste some pomegranate jelly again and your recipe with a touch of balsamic sounds perfect. Pinned this so I can remember to make it. Thanks!

    Oh – BTW – I love your EOE quotes and for some remember, I remember this week’s. I need to go back and read the book. 🙂

    • Deb says:

      Thank you MJ! I had thought about using fresh pomegranates but couldn’t find any at the grocery store. The ready made juice was indeed, a time saver!

  10. cheri says:

    Hi Deb, your jelly looks like it came out perfectly, love the color. I made 2 different kinds and only one turned out but we really are enjoying it.

  11. Sounds wonderful Deb! I’ve always made jam, never jelly. This recipe sounds like the perfect place to start. I especially like the addition of the balsamic!

  12. Great and detailed instructions, Deb! Now I know how to prepare a homemade jelly!

  13. Love the color of your jelly! Thanks for the tip about the butter cutting down on foam.

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