Dark Chocolate Tart


Dark Chocolate Tart

For the Love of Chocolate

Pomegranate Arils

“Busy though as she was with her teaching, Olive longed for the metropolitan life, and when the young man who had built the flour mill in King City sued properly for her hand, she accepted him subject to a long and secret engagement.”

East of Eden, John Steinbeck


There are many types of love. As we grow older our understanding of love expands. The idealistic dreams of a perfect romance bend and sway, get shoved in the storm, often breaking. We try again and again. It’s bittersweet. Just like dark chocolate.

This tart is for those who love dark chocolate. With a filling made of bittersweet chocolate there’s no turning back, just like love. There is just enough honey in the filling to take the edge off the bitter, enough to keep the intrigue, enough to keep the romance alive.

Dark Chocolate


My attempt to make the tart crust from the original recipe was a dismal failure. I defrosted pie crust dough and attempted the tart again. At some point it occurred to me, that a pretzel crust, crunchy and salty might be the best way to enjoy the deep, dark chocolate filling. But really, who am I kidding? In this recipe the crust plays a supporting role, giving us a legitimate reason to eat decadent, candy bar like chocolate by the spoonful.

Dark Chocolate Tart

Don’t let my struggles with the crust change your mind about the recipe. The filling couldn’t be easier, it’s just a big bowl of chocolate ganache. This is all about the chocolate, use the best 70% cacao you can find. The tart is fabulously rich, a suggested eight servings, could easily translate into twelve. The original recipe suggests garnishing the tart with toasted pine nuts and whipped cream. I’m of the opinion that enough is enough and that crunchy, tangy pomegranate arils make this rich chocolate dessert more interesting in texture and flavor. Of course, poms are also red for V Day. Out of season raspberries or strawberries would bring the color, but lack enough strength in flavor to pair well with the intensity of the dark chocolate.

The original recipe is from Bon Appetit magazine, May 2008. I found the recipe in my copy of Bon Appetit Desserts. A cookbook I highly recommend. If you enjoy trying new dessert recipes like I do there are over 600 recipes in Bon Appetit Desserts!

Dark Chocolate Tart

Dark Chocolate Tart

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30 Responses to Dark Chocolate Tart

  1. cheri says:

    Hi Deb, what a gorgeous looking tart, love chocolate and the pomegranate seeds are beautiful on top.

  2. So perfect to celebrate V-Day!!! I hope your day is as delicious as this chocolate tart.

  3. Mary says:

    Deb, perfect timing for Valentines Day! I love how doable this tart is. Even those with busy weekday schedules can Wow their loved ones with this gorgeous and decadent dessert. A true delight for chocolate lovers.

    • Deb says:

      Thank you Mary! Yes this is an easy recipe. It’s perfect for making ahead, as the filling needs to chill before serving.

  4. Gerlinde says:

    What a beautiful inspiration and what a beautiful tart. It shows what a great baker you are to think of the pretzel crust. Just tonight I nibbled on some pretzels covered with chocolate and caramel.

  5. So rich and beautiful, Deb! I love your topping of pomegranate arils for a festive touch!

  6. I totally agree about pomegranate and dark chocolate. I make little bursting petit four bites with just melted chocolate and pom arils. Your iteration of the Bon Appetit tart is gorgeously wintry.

  7. This looks incredible! I am all over that gooey chocolate goodness!

  8. THIS speaks to me! I adore dark chocolate – the darker the better – and the pomegranate arils…superb!!

  9. 2pots2cook says:

    So good combination of flavours ! Thank you !

  10. Yi says:

    The dark chocolate tart looks luscious and tasty – perfect for Valentine’s Day! Thanks for sharing the inspiration and now I’ll have to dig out Bon Appetit from 2008 🙂

  11. mjskit says:

    Love the “inspiration” for this recipe. Great writing! Glad to see someone else who keeps old copies of Bon Appetit. 🙂 I do need to pick out this dessert edition if I can find it. This chocolate tart is a keeper. It looks so very creamy and love that bit of tart. Thanks!

  12. Mmmm, dark chocolate. This is a terrific looking recipe — looks like it’s loaded with flavor. I do like the idea of the pretzel crust, actually — that sounds like it’d go quite well with the filling. Although anything would go well with this filling! 🙂

  13. What an amazing recipe! I love chocolate and the presentation with pomegranate seeds looks phenomenal!

  14. lisa lawless says:

    A perfect, rich, and decadent treat for Valentine’s Day! The pomegranate seeds look so pretty on top. And, you’ve reminded me that I’ve still never made a pretzel crust want to try it.

  15. Dark chocolate made into a tart, it doesn’t get much better than that.

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