April Monthly Miettes


Lemon Tarts

Lemon Tarts

Farmers Market eggs

“All during school next day Abra felt good about going to see Lee. She met Cal in the hall between classes. Did you tell him I was coming? He’s started some kind of tarts, said Cal.”

East of Eden, John Steinbeck


This month’s Monthly Miette baking challenge is tarts! How to choose? The Miette Cookbook includes recipes for Chocolate Truffle, Lime Meringue, Lemon, Fresh Fruit, Banana Cream and Pecan! I narrowed down my choices to family favorites. I would make either Chocolate Truffle or Lemon. For Easter I had made a decadent and sinfully rich flourless chocolate cake. Now it was time to indulge my well-documented love of citrus. I was not disappointed; this is another irresistible recipe from the Miette cookbook. The lemon curd is intoxicating. Puddled inside the rich Pâte Sucrée crust the curd is velvety smooth, whispering luscious lemon flavor. Truly a Lemon Tart that will satisfy any serious citrus craving.

Making lemon curd


I have made both Lemon Curd and Pâte Sucrée before, but wanted the opportunity to see if following the Miette recipes and techniques would yield a superior Lemon Tart. I can truthfully say, this is an exceptional recipe. So yes, when making the Lemon Curd use a bain-marie and strain the finished curd. I splurged and purchased fresh local eggs at the Farmer’s Market. The egg yolks were almost orange, making a positive difference in how luxurious my curd tasted and in the almost iridescent golden color of my finished curd. You will have seven leftover egg whites to use. Meringues? Macarons? Treat the Pâte Sucrée with care and you will have a buttery, rich shell that will cradle your sumptuous Lemon Curd.

Making tart dough

Finished lemon tarts

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20 Responses to April Monthly Miettes

  1. Carol Sacks says:

    So beautiful! Your curd looks like rich custard; sumptuous.

  2. myfudo says:

    Love the vibrant yellow color…So rich! So tempting!

  3. athena says:

    Lovely tarts! The color of the curd is bright and cheery; I’m sure these were amazing to eat.

  4. The lemon curd is gorgeous! I’ve made the lime meringue tartlets from that book, and they were fantastic too. There was also an extra straining step in that recipe that gave the curd a silky, smooth texture. Now, I want to try the lemon!

  5. Deb my dear – your description of these tarts is downright poetic! “The lemon curd is intoxicating. Puddled inside the rich Pâte Sucrée crust the curd is velvety smooth, whispering luscious lemon flavor. Truly a Lemon Tart that will satisfy any serious citrus craving.” Beautifully worded! I also love that you have a tart quote from East of Eden.

    After hearing your high praise of this recipe, I can’t wait to try this one for myself. And don’t local eggs make a world of difference? I try to buy local eggs whenever I can, but *especially* when making something like curd. There’s no comparison!

    Thanks so much for joining me again this month, Deb!

    • Deb says:

      Thank you Aimee! Using the best ingredients make for the best results. I enjoyed making the Lemon Tarts; such a great recipe.

  6. Your tarts look so vibrant (and tasty!) I was completely addicted to the lime curd so assume the lemon was equally good. Such a fun monthly challenge! Glad Aimee has given us an excuse to eat baked treats for breakfast each month 🙂

    • Deb says:

      Oh yes, I want to try the line curd! It must be wonderful! I also am enjoying cooking my way through the Miette cookbook.

  7. Foodiewife says:

    Who doesn’t love “cutie pies”? These are beautiful. You’re sorely tempting me to buy that cookbook, though I own so many already. By the way, my friend Lynne told me that she met you at cooking class. We’re taking a canning class together in May. Interested?

  8. Gorgeous! It looks like sunshine on a plate. Wish I could reach in and grab one!

  9. claire says:

    Deb these look delicious – light and creamy and lemony!! Perfect little morcels of delight

  10. They are gorgeous, summery, and quite delicious, Deb! Lemon tarts are my weakness…

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